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History of TeraTech with Association Insite

TeraTech has been offering custom programming services since 1989. Our staff of analysts and programmers are experienced at understanding client needs and managing projects successfully.

In addition to our custom programming work, TeraTech produces programming tools for Basic and C. As a tools programming house we have close contacts with Microsoft and are in the Visual Basic beta program.

Writing tools requires a greater level of skill than average programming to produce reliable, fast, readable and reusable code. Our programmers bring this same discipline to your project, so you can have confidence that the work we do for you will be completed with high quality code in a timely way.


TeraTech has been a leader in ColdFusion consulting since version 1.5 was released in 1996. We have written many web database projects for Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies using ColdFusion and SQL Server, Oracle and Access. We have also done projects integrating mainframe data into the web. TeraTech runs the Maryland ColdFusion User Group and has organized eight national ColdFusion conferences.

TeraTech’s president, Michael Smith, is a nationally known speaker and author on ColdFusion programming and has articles in CFDJ, CF Advisor and he is a contributing editor to Fusion Authority magazine.

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