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Vision of Association Insite

Association Insite provides insight into your association's website, how to improve revenue and your member's experience.

Associations are like snowflakes - on the surface they look the same, but in reality they are each very different, in fact unique. A prevalent assumption about associations is that they are all membership organizations, providing member services in order to grow the membership, trade show, training, advocacy, industry collaboration, etc.

It is our experience that the distinctions among associations far outweigh the commonalities.

An association can specialize - in advocacy / industry lobbying; in lobbying for consumer interests; in research and aggregated data; in certification testing; in continuing education, training, professional development; in establishing standards of practice; and many more.

Some associations have individual memberships; others have company memberships. Some associations have 95-100% membership in their trade, so membership satisfaction is in; membership growth is out. Others measure their success by membership retention and growth.

TeraTech specializes in helping you to identify and build the technology that serves the mission, goals and objectives of your association. We work as the technology partner, helping to harness the power of technology to advance the purposes of your organization. Our dedication to the customer's needs is the key to our success - that is why we have won the Best ColdFusion Consulting Company , selected by the readers of the ColdFusion Developers Journal, for 2 consecutive years.

Whether you select an off-the-shelf package developed for the association industry, customize such a package, or design a custom-solution, TeraTech is your partner in making sure you get the technical solution that supports your organizational values and practices.

We bring to every engagement our commitment to quality, affordable solutions. Our measures of success are:

  • solutions that work now, and that were delivered on time and in budget

  • solutions that are easy to maintain so they can be modified as needs change

  • solutions that address your business needs so that they add value to the operation and success of your organization

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